Cattle, Sheep, Alpacas & Goats

All our vets are very experienced in treating and handling a wide variety of large animals.

All species of sick animals can be seen in clinic or on farm. We do prefer large animals to be seen in handling facilities (ie crush / yards) to help keep all involved safe. Routine work can also be conducted at any location.

Some of the services we offer for large animals include:

  • Examination & treatment of sick & injured animals
  • Pregnancy Testing in Cattle
  • Assisance with Dystocia (Birthing Difficulties)
  • Lameness Examinations and hoof care
  • Castration (desexing males) in all species
  • Vaccinations
  • Herd Management Advice
  • Nutritional Assessments and Advice
  • Herd Synchronisation Programs
  • Drench management and Faecal Egg Testing
  • Cancer Eye Removal
  • Radiographs of limbs (at clinic only)
  • Routine blood testing - BVDV, health profile, etc
  • Horn management