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Mallacoota Consultations

Once a fortnight our veterinarians take it in turns to travel to Mallacoota and conduct a remote consultation day (Wednesdays). Consultations occur at the Tennis Clubrooms, which are adjacent to the tennis courts behind Foodworks / PostOffice, off Develling Drive

Routine health checks, vaccinations, treatments and assessments as well as emergency cases can be seen on the day. Treatment is limited to procedures that can be done on awake patients as we do not bring an anaesthetic machine or have operating facilities in Mallacoota. We bring a wide range of medications with us so you won't have to collect them from Eden.

We keep a large range of flea, tick and worm products in stock as well as collars & leads, brushes and dental care products. Pet foods, medications and other products can be brought down but you need to call the clinic before 12pm on Tuesday to organise this.

Routine appointments can be booked through our Eden Clinic and need to be made before 12pm on the Tuesday before. If on the rare occasion there are no or very few appointments our remote consultation day may be postponed. Emergencies can be seen during consulting hours - we recommend calling the clinic on 02 6496 1252 to confirm our Vets are not on house calls.

Large animals and house calls can be booked as well. House calls are done in the afternoon after the consultations. Housecalls attract no or a much discounted travel rate when compared to a stand alone trip. (Up to 160km less travel fees)

Planned Upcoming Dates for Mallacoota Service:

7th September 2020

Great news!! The new border restrictions have allowed us to get a permit to run our Mallacoota consultations again.

Our first visit is planned for Wednesday the 16th September 2020, with follow up visits planned in the 23rd September and 7th October. Bookings are required - please contact the clinic on 02 6496 1252

Medication and product orders can also be brought down on these days - please notify the clinic by Tuesday lunchtime to ensure availability.

A special thank-you has to go to Des for couriering medications and animals for us, and to all the others that have helped each other showing what a wonderful community Mallacoota is.

Kind regards

The Eden Vet team

02 6496 1252